The Answers You Need

Do I need to have experience?

No! Experience is great but anyone can come on a trip as long as they are willing to learn and explore. However, we ask that you know your limits. If a trip seems above your expertise, just contact Dave for any concerns or questions.

Do I need equipment?

Equipment depends on the trip. Some trips the equipment will be provided or included in the costs while others may require you have your own supplies. With any questions about equipment on a specific trip, contact Dave with concerns.

Where are the trips located?

Anywhere! Most trips will be in Ohio areas since Ohio really has beautiful sceneries. However, some bigger trips will be out of state. If you have any ideas for trip, Dave is open to anything! Contact him for any trip ideas.

Do I need to fill out forms?

Some trips may require you to fill out forms. Please check the details of the trip which will include any prerequisites needed before heading off.

How do we get to the destination?

Dave will drive any people wanting to go on a trip. The amount of people will determine the type of vehicle. If you prefer to drive yourself, be sure to contact Dave for times and locations.




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